Shoes, Boots, Sneakers…infact most shoes!


I love shoes,high heels, kitten heels, stripper heels, cone heels, platforms, stilletos, wedges, knee boots, ankle boots, thigh boots, calf boots, mid heels, courts, peep toes, sneakers, Adidas, Converse Chuck All Stars, trainers.

I adore the smell of new leather, the way new shoes feel, I love how fabulous a good pair of shoes can make you feel and transform an outfit to make you look fantastic…a pair of hot heels have the ability to make any woman no matter what shape or size look and feel wonderful, giving Her body a fabulous shape, making Her legs look fantastic and not to mention make Her ass look even more so giving Her a fabulous wiggle when she walks. I love looking at other Females wearing shoes.

I get extremely obsessive over shoes and will make slaves to go all lengths to get Me the ones I want…shoe slaves are always welcomed in My stable.

I don’t have any favourite brands etc as I have some love for all shoes be it flat pumps to 6inch clear stripper heels I LOVE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!