I love how I can use something that I do several times a day to exploit weak boys to give in to Me.
I take for granted how seductive My lips are and the application of lipstick can be…but damn it’s SO sexy…painting My soft pout in luxurious lipstick.

I love applying My lipstick in public…you know, just after I’ve eaten a meal, I’ll reach into My handbag and take out My compact and lipstick at the table and start painting My lips, just to look up to see a boy with a lipstick fetish being ‘lured in’.

I generally wear Red or Nude lipsticks and My favourite brands are Mac, Illmasqua, Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent…however I do enjoy wearing different colours and brands too…and not to forget lip liner and gloss…the ONLY lip gloss I wear is LanCome Juicy Tubes…I actually have tons of the stuff as I’m usually given them by gift sets.

I thoroughly enjoy making lipstick clips and enjoy the playful way I can seduce you with My mouth…by applying, blotting and pouting continously putting you in a lipstick trance.

What would you do just to touch My lips…just to feel them touch yours for one brief moment?