Shiny,sexy, squeaky Latex…what’s not to love?…And especially when I’m wearing it?

Latex makes Me feel so sexy, when I’m wearing it I can’t help but want to touch Myself in it
and look at Myself constantly…it never ceases to amaze Me…I think its totally stunning.
The way it fits like a second skin and makes each and every bodily curve a very special. The smell of latex is very distintive and just smelling it  is very much a turn on for Me…I know that many people may see shining their own rubber very much a chore but I actually find it very theraputic and hugely rewarding, watching My dull lifeless
garment come to life as I shine it to perfection.

I am a huge fan of the most high end latex garments from designers such as House of Harlot, Atsuko Kudo, Lady Lucie etc I have a huge latex wardrobe and it’s forever expanding

I love the way that Latex transforms Ones self into looking like a beautiful rubbery shiny sculpture as if non Human…into a true Goddess…a Latex Goddess.

I am the UKs if not the worlds most sought after Latex Financial Domme…apparently being a rubberist with a huge money fetish is quite a niche! Who knew?!