I’m going to take away All your luxuries until I’m your ONLY Luxury


I am a Greedy, Spoiled, Demanding UK based Financial Domme, I LOVE everything about Financial Domination and I will take from you everything that I want.

I don’t care what you call yourself – financial slave, pay pig, financial benefactor, financial sub, cash cow, cash slave, human atm, money piggy, money slave – as I will have TOTAL control over you when you’re handing over everything you own to Me, you won’t even remember what you’re name is.

This is first and fore most by far my most favourite Fetish because with FinDom it allows Me (and you) to indulge in some of My other fetishes, that of course cost MONEY! (your hard earned cash)…so taking from you to allow My other Fetishes to grow turns Me on immensely…and anyway, you don’t deserve it because you’re nothing…you only deserve the rewards you will gain from submitting to Me

It really makes Me genuiniely happy knowing that I do not have to pay for anything and that you will literally buy Me or give Me money for anything I want…be it anything sexy like Latex to mundane kitchen utensils…it brings Me so much joy when I look around My house and see all the things My financial slaves have paid for…even the carpet My divine feet walk upon to the clothes on My body…it excites Me so much!

you will never know the pleasure it is to step out of your house dressed head to toe by slaves…its quite an overwhelming feeling, not having to want for anything as I know that I can click My fingers and have what I want straight away.

Money slavery isn’t just about tributing or gifting to see a Domme on cam etc…some of you boys seem to think that is the case these days…Being a Financial slave is about wanting to please your Superior as you know that its the right thing to do even if that means  that you may have to suffer because you want to see Me happy…and My happiness will make you happy!…Isn’t that the best achievment you can hope for? It’s the ULTIMATE form of slavery, knowing that you will submit all your cash in order to suffer for Me…not by putting welts on your body, but by sacrificing your life for Me…financially…I want it all…I want to leave HARD DEEP scars on your bank account statements, ones that will keep you craving more and more of My beautiful sadistic financial torment.

I will find your weak spots in order to toy with you and manipulate in any way possible for My Financial gain.

They don’t call Me the Moneypulatrix for nothing…now hand it over.