Its quite fascinating to see how much power I have over you boys and pushing the cuckold ‘button’ is a great way to prove this.
It turns Me on hugely when you want to submit to both Myself and My Real Man…how pathetic can you boys really be, knowing that you’re never going to have Me, yet you’re turned on by the fact that you’re buying My Man and I gifts and We’re laughing at how ridiculous you are…this is really quite the ultimate form of humiliation.

I absolutely love teasing you pathetic boys of tales of My relationship with My Real Man and all the fabulous things that We get up to, making you pay for Our dates and even Our clothes, shoes etc, knowing that you’re sitting at home all alone wondering what We’re doing…sometimes even having to phone the restaurant to pay for Our bill.
Its hilarious the things some pathetic you slaves will do…but then that makes it even more fun!

Haha…what does it feel like to be a pathetic loser? you’re such a fucked up freak just seeing Our receipts from Our dates  turns you on…just always remember, We’re laughing at you as We spend your hard earned cash!