I adore chastity…it’s so fun having you exactly where I want you…by the balls, keeping your mind focussed on what’s important…ME!

Well you are such simple creatures and are generally lead by that pathetic thing that belongs between your legs. So what an easy way to get what One wants by putting a you in chastity and denying something you would usually take so easily for granted.

Being a Keyholder is such a great tease like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey (yes, I’m calling you a donkey!).

Taking away your ability to cum is the simplest way to get what I want, ABSOLUTE DENIAL!

It allows you to focus and be completely self less! As you will just literally turn into putty (urgh get that thought of being in My hands out of your filthy gutter mind!).

Whether you’re locked away using a device and sending Me the key or have been put on a ‘ban’ or mental chastity  (for ‘trusted boys only) which of course you may refer to as mental torment but  I’m not here to make your life easy, am I?…I’m here to torment you as much as I possibly can, to get as much as I possibly can out of you and I’ll go to great lengths to make sure I get what’s Mine…after all you don’t deserve anything, do you?

The begging and pleading of a that you will do whilst held in My chastity is literally music to My ears as I know that you’ll literally cave in and give Me anything I want in order to have release…so the longer I drag it out and ignore the pleads…the more I will get…like I said…its SO easy!

Like a little puppet on a string!…or a donkey desperate for a carrot! ;)