I have many different fetishes, here is My insight on some of My very favourites…maybe W/we share a fetish or two…or three ;)

Shiny,sexy, squeaky Latex…what’s not to love?…And especially when I’m wearing it?

Latex makes Me feel so sexy, when I’m wearing it I can’t help but want to touch Myself in it
and look at Myself constantly…it never ceases to amaze Me…I think its totally stunning.
The way it fits like a second skin and makes each and every bodily curve a very special. The smell of latex is very distintive and just smelling it and cleaning it is very much a turn on for Me…I know that many people may see cleaning their own rubber very much a chore but I actually find it very theraputic and hugely rewarding, watching My dull lifeless
garment come to life as I shine it to perfection.

I’ve even started making lots of My own Latex clothing now as I love spending time creating something beautiful and unique that no one else has…It brings Me so much pleasure  doing so and receiving lots of compliments from people and seeing their faces when I say ‘I made it’…but it’s still nice to have other rubberists/slaves purchase stunning outfits for Me too!

I love the way that Latex transforms Ones self into looking like a beautiful rubbery shiny sculpture as if non Human…into a true Goddess…a Latex Goddess.



Chastity is a great Fetish…because it’s easy!

Well men are such simple creatures and are generally lead by that pathetic thing that belongs between their legs so what an easy way to get what One wants by putting them in chastity and denying something they take so easily for granted…Being a Keyholder is such a great tease!

Taking away a mans ability to cum is the simplest way to get what I want, it allows them to focus on the most thing in their life,ME! …as they just literally turn into putty, whether you’re locked away using a device and sending Me the key or have put on a ‘ban’ (which of course I can only use on those I ‘trust’).

The begging and pleading of a boy in chastity is literally music to My ears as I know that he will literally cave in and give Me anything I want in order to have release…so the longer I drag it out and ignore the pleads…the more I will get…like I said…its SO easy!

Like a little puppet on a string!


Foot Fetish

All you need is one tiny little glimpse of My perfectly soft caramel peds to send you into a frenzy.

My gorgeous soft toes are like 10 weapons of destruction…I can have whatever I desire from you just by wiggling them and pointing them at you!

My soft creamy soles whet your appetite and make you drool whether they’re flexed or wrinkled, you just simply can’t deny falling in love with them, wanting to taste them wanting to gift them and to pay for My pedicures making sure My precious feet are treated accordingly.

My perfectly painted toe nails, each has so much power over you, you stare at them longingly, mouth watering.

you will do anything for to be at My feet…you live for them…


Its quite fascinating to see how much power I have over boys and pushing the cuckold ‘buttons’ is a great way to prove this.
It turns Me on hugely when a slave wants to submit to both Myself and My Real Man…how pathetic can boys really be, knowing that they’re never going to have Me, yet they’re turned on by the fact that they’re buying My Man and I gifts and We’re laughing at how ridiculous they are…this is really quite the ultimate form of humiliation.

I absolutely love teasing slaves of tales of My relationship with My Real Man and all the fabulous things that We get up to, making them pay for Our dates and even Our clothes, shoes etc, knowing that they’re sitting at home all alone wondering what We’re doing…sometimes even having to phone the restaurant to pay for Our bill.
Its hilarious the things some pathetic slaves will do…but then that makes it even more fun!

Shoes, Boots, Sneakers…infact most shoes!

I love shoes,high heels, kitten heels, stripper heels, cone heels, platforms, stilletos, wedges, knee boots, ankle boots, thigh boots, calf boots, mid heels, courts, peep toes, sneakers, Adidas, Converse Chuck All Stars, trainers.

My foot wear fetish is quite extreme, I rarely have boundaries but draw a line at certain footwear *coughs* Uggs GROSS!

I adore the smell of new leather, the way new shoes feel, I love how fabulous a good pair of shoes can make you feel and transform an outfit to make you look fantastic…a pair of hot heels have the ability to make any woman no matter what shape or size look and feel wonderful, giving Her body a fabulous shape, not to forget a fabulous wiggle when she walks.I love looking at other Females wearing shoes.

I get extremely obsessive over shoes and will make slaves to go all lengths to get Me the ones I want…shoe slaves are always welcomed in My stable.

I don’t have any favourite brands etc as I have some love for all shoes be it flat pumps to 6inch clear stripper heels I LOVE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!


I love how I can use something that I do several times a day to exploit weak boys to give in to Me.
I take for granted how seductive My lips are and the application of lipstick can be…but damn it’s SO sexy…painting My soft pout in luxurious lipstick.

I love applying My lipstick in public…you know, just after I’ve eaten a meal, I’ll reach into My handbag and take out My compact and lipstick at the table and start painting My lips, just to look up to see a boy with a lipstick fetish being ‘lured in’.

I generally wear Pink, Red or Nude lipsticks and My favourite brands are Mac or Yves Saint Laurent…however I do enjoy wearing different colours and brands too…and not to forget lip liner and gloss…the ONLY lip gloss I wear is LanCome Juicy Tubes…I actually have tons of the stuff as I’m usually given them by gift sets.

I thoroughly enjoy making lipstick clips and enjoy the playful way I can seduce you with My mouth…by applying, blotting and pouting continously putting you in a lipstick trance.

What would you do just to touch My lips…just to feel them touch yours for one brief moment?