Well I know that you’re just simply unable to control yourself any more and the urge to give to Me is stronger than ever.

I often take live calls, I love to dominate and humiliate you, making you squirm and beg for mercy…However I show no mercy ever! Listen to Me laugh at you,while I take a little piece of you away…and a HUGE chunk of your wallet…

Click on the links below to call Me…

If you have never used MyPhoneSite before CLICK HERE to sign up

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And I’m taking calls on Niteflirt again!

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And remember, if I’m not available to take your call, you can always message Me to arrange a time that is suitable for Me.

If you think you are worthy enough I may allow you to purchase a gift for Me.

There are a number of ways you can do this, the quickest and easiest way would be via My Amazon wishlist which you can find HERE

However I do also LOVE receiving gifts, cash, cards, and letters of adoration which you can send to My PO  Box, the address is as follows:
BM G Penelope
27 Old Gloucester Street,

If you feel that you are worthy enough and you have purchased a gift from My wishlist or sent an amazon.co.uk gift certificate you may email Me, make sure you are respectful and use correct grammar and protocol, you have 1 chance if you fuck it up your email will simply be ignore!…My email address is yourgoddesspenelope@yahoo.co.uk

My favourite social network is Twitter…however this doesn’t mean that I want to be social with you! However feel free to follow Me…this doesn’t mean that I will follow you back. My Twitter username is @GoddessPenelope (I know, I bet you couldn’t work that one out!)

I’m a member of several fetish community sites such as MFDS, Findoms.com, Fetlife amongst others…just ask and I shall tell you where.