There’s only one thing you should know about Me…I’m highly addictive, oh but you want to know more? Read on…there is no going back.
I am from London, UK and I specialise in Financial Domination.

I am a skilled humiliatrix and take great pride in moulding the perfect financial slaves.

My aim is to have a fine stable of slaves who will serve My every whim and desire.

I am your sweetest dreams and your worse nightmares mixed into one…I will manipulate your feeble little mind into thinking you HAVE to give to Me.

I’m very Greedy and believe that everything you earn belongs to Me…I take take take and spend spend spend, the cash never stops rolling and I never tire from taking! I’ve been online since 2007 taking what I deserve from minions and making what was once theirs…MINE!

I am mainly an online Financial Domme and Fetish Goddess as I do not have a dungeon and not offer real time ‘sessions’…lets get real why would I want to waste any of My precious real time with a lowlife minion like you? However if over time you prove yourself worthy I may request a real time shopping spree!

I’m a sassy city Lady – total materialistic bitch, I adore nice beautiful things and love them even more so when someone else is buying for Me.

I have many sides to My personality sexy, sharp, witty, dominant, cute, geeky…it just depends which mood I’m in and how you approach Me.

There is only one thing a boy like you can do to be any part of My life…WORK, PAY and GIFT Me!

Now you’re here you will find it very difficult to leave…as this is your first step to becoming enslaved by the One True Goddess.

So that you may stay you must leave behind your ego, arrogance and any other pathetic male traits you may have and hand over your wallet and mind to Me – your Goddess.

This is all about Domination and submission…My power over you and your willingness to submit to Me.

As you read about your Goddess and as you gaze upon My perfect body you will have no choice but to give into your lust, your desire and your need.

Those feelings are there to tell you to give to Me and so you will.

You will quickly become Mine to play with, to mould to use and to torment – for your sake let’s hope I choose to keep you and that you’re not left an empty shell with no focus left in your pathetic useless life.

To go any further you *must* realise that I am a Financial Domme and therefore you must be a willing submissive/slave entering the world of Financial Domination.

When you indulge in Me…here are a few things you NEED to know

  • Elite mind fucktress extraordinaire
  • Manipulatrix
  • Puppet Mistress
  • Money Spinner
  • Humiliatrix
  • Laughaholic
  • Fetish Tease
  • Serial Money Grabber
  • Heartbreaker

MOST LIKELY TO SPEND your CASH ON: Shoes, Clothes, Latex, Make Up, Lingerie, Hair, Manicures and Pedicures…and generally living a Goddess life!

Want to know more about Me? Phone Me… Call GoddessPenelope for phone sex on