As some of you may know that Kim (from Club Rub) runs a bi-monthly Mistress Workshop and very kindly invited Me along to do a talk about Financial Domination, which of course I accepted!

The workshop is a beginners session aimed at Women who want to bring out their more Dominant side within their relationships or those that wish to become Pro Domme. It’s highly informative as Kim gives the Ladies lots of good tips on everything from how to use poppers safely to researching/preparing a session to full body enclosure (really, if you want to know about anything, she’ll have something informative to tell you on the subject!). But what she also tells the Ladies is that she’s not the oracle and they must use their own sense of style and personality to be the Domme they want to be (I couldn’t agree more!).

The workshop was very busy with about 10 Ladies, all from different backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common – They were Dominant and excited/eager to learn more, lots of were writing down notes, keen to hear more information and Kim even gave them a little homework task which they have to complete within a week! She also did a demo on erotic spanking which was fun. Showing the Ladies ways in which to build up to a bright red sizzling bottom…but in a slow, sensual way, using different household/bedroom items to help her on the way!

Then came My talk, and I will admit, I was a little bit nervous! Well it’s not often I get to speak to a room full of people about Financial Domination! I started My talk by introducing Myself and telling the Ladies how I started off in FinDom, and how I got to where I am today. They were amazed that the financial fetish even existed, lots were taking notes and couldn’t wait to ask questions…one Lady even said that I was an inspiration, which I thought was so lovely, as I get complements from boys all the time, but when another Woman says something like that, it’s much more genuine and means so much more. I hope they enjoyed My talk as much as I did and learned at least one thing from Me.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Kim for inviting Me along to the workshop and if you’re thinking of bringing out the Domme in you or you’re thinking of becoming a professional Domme I’d highly recommend The Mistress Workshop, it takes place once a month and is full of useful (kinky) information.

The next Mistress Workshop is taking place on January 19th 2013 and will take place in Hackney, London. If you would like to book your place please email Kim at (click HERE to find out more)