Earlier on this week I finally decided that I wanted to go to London’s ONLY dedicated FemDom club ‘Pedestal‘, as I’d never been before!

So I emailed My friend @KimClubRub (who runs London’s longest running fetish club ‘CLUBRUB‘)and asked her if she wanted to go and of course being the club Queen that she is she was going and was delighted that I wanted to go too!

So the following day I started panicking about outfits as I *always* do when I plan a night out…what on earth was I going to wear?! I have a few new outfits but I didn’t want to wear any of those and I have four latex outfits that are currently being created for Me but were unfortunately not ready, soooooo I decided to go to Radical Rubber to buy some latex.

So when I arrived at Radical Rubber…I was amazed by the AMOUNT of latex that was in there…it’s a rubberists dream come true! I had already decided which colour I wanted but decided to look through the swatches but still bought the original colour that I wanted…which was Plum…a beautiful deep red latex, that complemented My skin tone really well.

I was SO excited with My purchase, but I had no idea what I was going to make with it…but it was such a sophisticated colour I wanted to make something to work that…I  got e bit creative and decided to make a pencil dress, with a low neck line…so about 3 hours later I had My new latex dress! Perfect fitting and EXACTLY what I wanted. I was very happy with the result.

So Friday came quickly and after college My class mates and I decided to go for a quick drink. Whilst we were drinking we got on the subject of what we were doing later on that evening…then it came round to Me.
I said I was going clubbing, they then asked Me where, I said ‘Vauxhall’, their first assumption was a gay club, I responded with ‘No, would you like to know what sort of club it is?’ and with that response of course they all wanted to know…so I made it simple for them ‘I’m going to a fetish club, where the Women are treated like Goddesses and the men are slaves…their reaction was a picture! They were amazed! And excited.
I started showing them pictures of Me in latex and by the end of our drink they all wanted latex dresses and all wanted to come out. To be quite honest I think a couple of them would be great out on fetish scene!

When I returned home I had a lovely relaxing bath with a glass of Bison and Lemonade, then slowly started making Myself look divine!
I applied My make up, lots of eyeliner and Ruby Woo red lipstick, My hair up with a high ponytail and looking fabulous with My blunt fringe.
I then covered My body in lube and slipped into something a bit more rubbery ;)  My plum latex pencil dress with an oversized red latex Bow Belt from Jane Doe (shined to perfection so you can see your reflection on My ass!), teamed with Snake Skin strappy sandals with a gold heel…ravishing!

I jumped in a cab and arrived at My destination ‘Club Colosseum’ in Vauxhall, there was a huge queue but luckily I was on the guest list = No queue ;)

I went in and was greeted by the stunningly beautiful @MAbsolute and off I went to make Myself comfortable…I was greeted by the Pedestal House Slaves with a red rose, I made My way to the bar and ordered a drink, perched My derrière on a seat, the slaves were busily offering a selection of canapés.

A short while later a picture of dazzling shiny latex appeared! It was Kim! We had lots of laughs and wondered around and spoke to lots of different people. I had My feet rubbed by a slave in the Goddess Room (who was a funny little creature!), I also met some lovely Ladies from twitter @MistressJezabel , @HeatheryDoune (Who runs the London Fetish Fair) and @MissKittyBliss they were all a pleasure to meet! :)
I was just about to leave with Kim as she had The Latex Workshop to teach the following morning when I looked at My phone and saw a text message from @MadameSays asking where I was! We were literally 2 metres away from each other!
So I stayed a bit longer to chat and laugh with her! She had acquired a cute new slave who was besotted with her and crawling around her like a dog…it was hilarious! We then found somewhere to sit and he gave us both a foot massage (which was very good!).

After a fabulous night, I had decided it was time to leave…the doormen were excellent with great banter, helped Me get a cab…which turned out to be a luxury chauffeur driven Audi…and then I arrived home…tired…I stripped off all My latex…had a quick shower…and drifted off to dreamland.

What a fabulous night! I really can’t wait to go again!

Goddess Penelope