I thought I might start blogging more as I seem to go through months of neglecting My blog (yeah I know, I say that ALL the time!) as I tend to tweet more but we all know how impossible it is to get your point across in 140 characters so I’m going to at least blog once a week 9well try to at least)…it might get a bit random…but I guess it always does with Me  as I don’t often blog about just one subject and sometimes My blogs are more personal and not just FinDomme/Domination related.

So I this week I finally met @Madamesays properly as We’ve met briefly last year at Torture Garden but didn’t really get a chance to speak, so this week We finally met up and had a good chat in the sun…discussing how to exploit you boys further for Our gain *rubs hands*.

This week also saw the return *rolls eyes* of james the epic bore…I really haven’t encountered a slave quite as irritating and as boring as him…he really doesn’t have anything going for him apart from the fact that he has a bit of cash…you know, he’s one of those mind numbingly boring slaves that repeats himself saying how ‘ravishing’ I am…(yeah like I don’t know that?). Just shut your slut mouth and make some use of your credit card! So he did…he sent £500 on his first day back….but he thinks that by sending that he can try to annoy Me on Skype whenever it suits him WRONG!!!! If he even wants a tiny bit of attention from Me, he’s going to have to pay….he says he ‘addicted’…but don’t they all? SHOW ME THE MONEY HONEY!

So as you may already know from My last blog, that I have recently taken on  blackmail slave…this particular slut is quite well known in the ‘scene’ (gosh I hate that word!) and he likes to think of himself as possibly ‘famous’ *cringe*…(attention seeking whore more like)…but I won’t give him any further publicity on My blog.  However when I was looking at a certain website there was a blog written about him including pictures that were taken on a day that he told Me that he was broke but obviously he had been paying the other Mistress….this is a BIG MISTAKE….firstly telling Me you’re broke is a HUGE TURNOFF and then being caught out??? Knowing that I have all the details that could really fuck up your life is a big mistake…so obviously I demanded compensation….sooooo £250 later may have kept Me quiet for a little bit longer….but for how long? How long is a piece of string *evil grin*

Here are a few gifts that I have received recently…nothing too exciting as they’re mostly wishlist gifts which haven’t exactly turned Me on…but they’re gifts all the same…the Vivienne Westwood shoes and sheepskin rug from the blackmail slut were My fave things…I’m not 100% sure who bought all the gifts…but I think blackmail slut and cashslave bought the majority…if you bought any of them let Me know….or forever hold your piece and well…keep buying gifts of course!

I have also been having lots of fun talking to slaves on the phone…they have spent hours entertaining Me and making Me laugh…you really are such a (shall I say) ‘quirky’ bunch…you’re hilarious! I take calls at various times throughout the day and I’m using platforms such as (click on the links) Adultwork, Niteflirt and MyPhoneSite…if I’m not available send Me an email to book a time to chat when I’m free.