Bon jour Mon petite minions!

Well it’s been less than a week since I had decided that I’d like to go to Paris and within that time I have received gift certificates to make My wish come true.

I have received £300 in Eurostar gift certs from My new blackmail bitch (thing is I didn’t even have to blackmail him for it, he just gave it to Me!), I’ve used this to book Premier Eurostar tickets which will be lovely.

So then there was the hotel left to be paid for…and of course it was almost straight away, by a certain ‘heel bitch’. The rather attentive moneyslave said that he would pay $1,000 towards My hotel gift certificates, which he did…however the hotel booking company contacted him, saying there was an issue with his order (something to do with him paying with a foreign credit card), so then of course he had to contact them and rectify the situation…when he emailed Me to telling Me about what had happened it made Me laugh…I’m sure the customer service rep must’ve been a secret humiliatrix/FinDomme!

Anyhow here are My hotel gift certs!

This one was the first…the one which there was a fault with

Here is the amended gift cert, clearly the rep must’ve known about My dislike for USD

This one was from another cashslave…it says £50, but he sent a code for another, so £100 in total from him

BF and I have booked a fantastic boutique hotel in the heart of Paris to celebrate our 3 year Anniversary

BUT…yes, there’s ALWAYS a but!…I still want MORE!

I’d really like tickets to see Moulin Rouge and of course I want to go to the top of The Eiffel Tower!

I’d want you to tribute to making My Paris trip tres magnifique! Do so My emailing Me at

I’ll look forward to hearing from you begging to serve Me

Oh la la!

Adieu for Now

Goddess Penelope